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Our Staff


Erin Ackley

Erin is the Administrative Assistant for the IGCC/IGMA Certification Program. She’s responsible for all IGCC/IGMA testing, inspecting, certification, accounting and general administrative duties involved in the operations of the program. Erin takes pride in assisting AMS clients from all over the world in acquiring and maintaining certification of their IG products. She has an AAS in Administrative Management, AA in Math and Science, and a BS in Education.




Kari Hogan

Kari oversees all of the day-to-day needs of the WDMA Hallmark and NFRC Certification Programs. She handles customer service, and processes and maintains certification records for window and door manufacturers in the program. Kari also coordinates audits for manufacturing facilities between auditors and plants in the Hallmark and NFRC Certification Programs. Her communication skills were fine tuned through years of valuable experience in retail and restaurant management. Every day when she comes to the office, Kari is amazed that she gets to work in a quaint village as beautiful as Sackets Harbor, while providing certification services to companies from around the world.




Cathy Kaelher

Cathy is the Administrative Assistant for both the SGCC and IGCC programs. She's responsible for correspondences between labs and plants and keeps the paperwork flow of plant audits and test reports moving in the right direction; taking on any special projects John may throw her way. Cathy brings years of customer service experience to the offices of AMS.




John Kent

President of AMS, John’s overall responsibility is management of AMS and operations of all certification activity. John believes that AMS’s role is to facilitate the certification process within the parameters of the rules of that specific program. Certification is often a necessity of current business, when the staff at AMS does their jobs correctly, clients find the entire process helpful and efficient. The attainment of a successful conclusion is what John enjoys most about his job.

With a BS in Engineering, and over twenty-five years of operational, procedures development and product compliance testing and certification experience, twenty-four with direct involvement in the glass and fenestration industry, John is a renowned expert in his field.




Stewart Nicholas

As an Associate Engineer at AMS, Stewart provides oversight of the WDMA/NFRC certification program, and the NFRC report review process. He also assists in the resolution of NFRC inspection related issues.

Stewart enjoys the satisfaction that comes with helping clients successfully navigate a challenging certification process.  He takes pride in knowing that his work in the WDMA/NFRC certification program contributes to the global effort at energy conservation.

After ten years of active duty military service in the U.S. Army, with tours in South Korea and Afghanistan, Stewart left the military with an extensive background in inspection related work and a keen eye for reading technical information.




Brandy Redder

Brandy has been with AMS for 9 years and is the Administrator of the SGCC (Safety Glazing Certification Council) Program. She’s known for her amazing attention to detail, honed over ten years of administrative experience in the court system, as well as her friendly demeanor. In addition to overseeing the SGCC program, Brandy is also an AMS auditor, conducting IGCC/SGCC/WDMA Hallmark and NFRC quality audits for our participants.  




Ric Markway

Ric serves as AMS's lead auditor and is also AMS's technical reviewer for WDMA Hallmark air, water, structural window/door test reports, and training coordinator for auditors. He enjoys working with engineers and quality managers on the cutting edge of technical improvements in the industry, and making a difference in the safety aspects, technical improvements, structural integrity and thermal performance of the building products AMS helps get certified. Ric has a BS in Forestry – Wood Technology, and 29 years experience in administration of certification/inspection programs.




Rhonda Schotz

Rhonda is the Certification Administrator/Technical Liaison for WDMA certification activities for AMS. Her duties include conducting technical reviews of Hallmark testing data, reviewing and administering interpretations to the certification program, attending industry meetings, and auditor/inspector for NFRC, WDMA Hallmark, IGCC/IGMA and SGCC Certification programs. Her Associate Degree in Mechanical Design, eighteen years professional experience in window design and development, 4 years testing fenestration products and quality system management, help her to assist program participants meet their certification needs.



Bambi Philips

Bambi provides administrative assistance for both the WDMA/NFRC and IGCC programs. She provides service for many of the day-to-day needs of the IGCC/IGMA and the NFRC Certification Programs, including processing and maintaining certification records, reports and audits. She has an AS Degree in Information Technology.




Terry Schaefer

Terry is the Quality Manager at AMS, Inc. He's responsible for maintaining and improving the Quality Management System as well as organizing quality assurance initiatives. He has a background in engineering and quality control. Terry is a graduate of Purdue University - South Bend, where he earned a degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.